To deliver business benefits to companies through technological expertise.
To ensure the top of the range slotsups toptenreviews monitor industrial products and customized services.

To develop an everlasting as well as promising business relationship with all our respectable customers.


We follow a simple business philosophy;
To dedicate our talent and technology to propose superior product and services
that leads us to a better professional, social, and economic society at large
by adding value through engineering and management.


Mianoor Engineering is a customer service-oriented and a leading engineering solution provider company was established in 2000. Mianoor started its operation by selling small screw compressors to the textile sector. Our objective is to provide round the clock services and uninterrupted compressed air supplies to our valued consumers.

Since our inception, we have compiled an impressive record of successfully completion of our projects. Mianoor incorporated a high degree of quality, safety, and competency, which reflect in both the company reputation and achievements for high level of customer satisfaction and we have evolved into a growth oriented organization that has sold more than 300 compressors and other textile machinery in the highly competitive Pakistan market.

We now enjoying a sound customer base and fully equipped services and marketing team. Our new workshop located strategically in S.I.T.E area, Karachi. We provide complete 3S solutions, a fully equipped workshop, Sales & Service Center, and Spare Parts availability as well as related after market & rental services. We have also expanded into dynamic Punjab and a fully functional team in Lahore with guaranteed backup from Karachi.


On behalf of Mianoor Engineering, I do present my compliments to you and wish a happy a prosperous life; here It gives me immense pleased to briefly introduce ourselves, Mianoor is not just the Name or a company, It is a passion, a desire to grow, serve and excel. Its success story is engraved by slotsups toptenreviews monitor persistent hard work, devotion and dedication of its team members to its cause. A well reputed organization all over the country for its unique and incomparable products.

For our clients Mianoor is the name which always stands for its commitment, customer care, trouble free services and compatible prices all this have been achievable by the Grace of Almighty Allah, Prayers of our parents and persistent hard work of its team members.

We are confident and strongly believe that by offering wide range of products of high-quality, sound customer services and professional marketing team we will be in a continued mutual business association with our customers.

With an outstanding legacy, we look at the future to move forward on by learning from our past shortcomings and to build up an organization that delivers even better results and great values to our customers.