Mianoor Engineering is an associated organization of Mianoor Textile Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Mianoor is a family tradition!! Mr. Ghulam Mianoor, after getting his textile dyeing education from Germany, established the dye house in 1972 and started as a small two dye machine operation has now grown into a 100,000 sq. ft in-house knitting, dyeing, embroidery, and stitching operation.
Mianoor boasts state of the art facilities for knitting, dyeing and stitching. Products from Mianoor, knitted fabrics or knitted garments, compete in quality and price at all levels of the industry.
Presently, the stitching operations are under supervision of Mr. Ilyas Mianoor, an industrial engineer from university of Houston, Texas. Dyeing and processing is managed by Mr. Umair Mianoor, a textile engineer from North Carolina State University, USA.
Mianoor Engineering is a customer service-oriented and a leading engineering solution provider company was established in 2000. Mianoor started its operation by selling small screw compressors to the textile sector. Our objective is to provide round the clock services and uninterrupted compressed air supplies to our valued consumers.
Since our inception, we have compiled an impressive record of successfully completion of our projects. Mianoor incorporated a high degree of quality, safety, and competency, which reflect in both the company reputation and achievements for high level of customer satisfaction and we have evolved into a growth oriented organization that has sold more than 300 compressors and other textile machinery in the highly competitive Pakistan market.
We now enjoying a sound customer base and fully equipped services and marketing team. Our new workshop located strategically in S.I.T.E area, Karachi. We provide complete 3S solutions, a fully equipped workshop, Sales & Service Center, and Spare Parts availability as well as related after market & rental services. We have also expanded into dynamic Punjab and a fully functional team in Lahore with guaranteed backup from Karachi.
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